KJB Writing Services, LLC

Email us about your project and we'll provide an estimate the same day. We will work with you to find the right solution for your business. KJB Writing Services believes in empowering small businesses and teaching them how to succeed in an increasingly competitive contracting environment.

We offer a variety of proposal consulting services for small businesses. Proposal Lifecycle Management. Proposal Writing. Proposal Outlining. Editing. Proposal Analysis. Basic Graphics. Small Business Proposal Seminars. One-on-one Coaching & Skill Development.

Kristin Bales, Owner, has 20 years of writing and editing experience and 8 years of federal proposal management experience. In early 2016, her clients were on-ramped onto the $5.3B SeaPort-e and $11.5B HCaTS vehicles. Additional clients won the CDC SHEPheRD contract and the 9 FAM-e Bureau of Consular Affairs contract.

She has written proposals for almost every industry, including:

  • Construction
  • Personnel
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Quality & Project Management
  • Travel, Legal & Real Estate Services
  • IT Solutions
  • Call Center
  • Architecture Services


Federal and state contracting is a mystery to many small businesses. How do you translate a boring, wordy RFP into a winning proposal? And what small business can afford to hire a full-time proposal writer?

KJB Writing Services understands the unique challenges facing small business owners in the government contracting game. We've been helping small business owners for years with expertise and knowledge based on real-world experience without breaking the budget.