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No matter your needs, we promise to deliver affordable, timely solutions for your small business.

Our outlining, editing and consulting services can take your small business to the next level in government contracting.

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Our Promise.

About the owner.

​​​​​​Kristin Bales Background & Experience:

  • M.A. in Latin American & Iberian Studies
  • B.A. in English and Spanish
  • 20+ years of writing & editing experience
  • 11 years of proposal management experience
  • Shipley Proposal Writing & Management Certifications
  • U.S. Navy Veteran
  • Held a Top Secret/SCI Security Clearance
  • Graduated from Basic & Advanced Russian Courses at the Defense​ Language Institute
  • Published author of multiple novels, collections of short stories, and 1 anthology.

Kristin Bales began her proposal management career writing federal construction management proposals and found a passion for deconstructing RFPs and turning them into winning proposals. In 2011, she began KJB Writing Services, LLC to expand her reach into other industries and help small businesses understand the world of federal contracting. Her expertise lies in translating complex RFP requirements into an organized proposal format that makes your job easier and helps you succeed. 

Kristin Bales is the author of multiple published works of fiction under her pen name, K. J. Gillenwater: