KJB Writing Services offers a variety of ways to help your small business succeed:

Proposal Lifecycle Management. We provide you with full support in managing your proposal from RFP release to the final, ready-to-print product. We provide pre-written materials tailored to your business where possible, document design, expertise in analyzing government requirements, proposal writing services, and all editing and finishing. We also will track your selected opportunity and inform you of any updates or amendments during the process.

Federal Proposal Writing. Task us with your writing. We can provide pre-written materials tailored to your business and guide you in the right direction for your responses to RFP requirements. Editing included.

Proposal Outlining. Send us your RFP, and we can outline your proposal documents for you. We can unravel a complex government document and provide you with guidelines for writing and a cohesive structure to follow. 

Editing. We can edit any document you provide. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times for editing assignments.

Proposal Analysis. Send us your proposal draft and the RFP, and we can give input on how to improve your business proposal writing. Our main concerns during analysis involve compliance with the RFP, structure and readability.

Basic Graphics. We can provide professional-looking organizational charts for use in your proposal. We also can provide other simple graphics such as flow charts.

Small Business Proposal Seminars. We can teach you how to be your own proposal guru, saving you time and money. During the seminar, we unravel a typical government RFP, take you through the outlining process and explain how to write a winning proposal.

One-on-one Coaching & Skill Development. For the micro small business, we can provide training to help you get started in government proposal writing. If you are a one-person operation, this is the service for you. We can tailor our coaching to your needs and help your business move in the right direction.

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